About Us

Stronggoodhealth is the leading online resource for evidence-based wellness information. We are committed to providing positive health and medical tips to help you make decisions that improve your well being, both in mind and in body.

Since 1984, our partner, the UC Stronggoodhealth Letter, has been read by millions of subscribers. This monthly letterhas been rated No. 1 byU.S. News & World Report, Money Magazine, and theWashington Post for its “brisk,” “reasoned” coverage of health issues.

The editors and editorial board of both the Wellness Letter and Stronggoodhealth review the latest research to clarify the often conflicting and superficial health information presented by the popular media. We don’t promote faddish diets or other anecdote-based regimens. Nor do we repeat conventional medical advice from mainstream health organizations or pharmaceutical companies.

We rely on the expertise of top researchers at the University of California, as well as other physicians and scientists from around the world, to translate leading-edge research into practical advice for daily living.